About Boatworm

Boatworm — Kat Taylor — is a proofreader, writer and water-enthusiast (a layabout who likes the beach).

She’s written for magazines, worked in STEM, academic publishing, charities and bookshops, and is currently completing an underfunded and overextended gap year in Australia.



From manuscripts to dissertations, I can sort out your references and tend to your comma-over-usage.

Copywriting and Ghostwriting

I can advertise for you. Promise. Take a look at my writing portfolio and buy my services here.

Hiring My Wife Out To Make Raw Slices At Parties

Honestly, he’s so good. My favourite is his peanut butter raw vegan slice.


“I’m going to start my own column so people know the truth.”

— My Wife

“Of course I read your column dear, but if I messaged you with all the things I found funny my thumbs would fall off.”

— My Mum


Somewhere on the coast of Australia.