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12th December 2020

Simon Lynn
Bath Cats and Dogs Home
Claverton Down
Bath BA2 7AZ

Dear [name],

When winter hit and temperatures suddenly dropped below freezing, Casey had nowhere to go. The tarpaulin she was hiding under ripped, dripping icy water on her skinny body every time it rained. Her fur sodden and temperatures dropping, a passing neighbour heard her tiny mews and called the RSPCA in the nick of time. When she was passed over to us, her skin was stretched tight over a belly full of baby kittens.

Thankfully for Casey, Bath Cats and Dogs Home had room for her that night. Despite our best efforts, this isn’t always the case. This Christmas we’ll have to turn countless animals away due to a lack of space. Who knows where they’ll end up?

Our kennels are already filling up with kittens and puppies that may otherwise have to be put down. Our non-destruction policy means that our shelter is always full of happy, healthy soon-to-be pets, like Casey and her kittens.

But for each animal we already serve, there are ten we don’t have room for. Can you help us build a home for those out in the cold while they wait for their next family – their final chance at life?

Today, Casey and her kittens wait in comfort. A warm pod, with plenty of comfy blankets and a sheltered outdoor area, keeps them safe. Potential would-be adopters can take a peek without disturbing their play through insulated glass windows. If only we could offer this service to many more families, human and animal alike.

With only a few pounds from each of our supporters, we could build a new kennel with state of the art facilities, ensuring that many more soon-to-be-mums don’t have to suffer in the freezing cold next Christmas. With a donation of just £25, we can begin to build a new kennel that will serve hundreds more homeless animals, just as we served our 1,337 animals this year. To donate, please go to, call 01225 780259, or come in and visit us at The Avenue in Claverton Down, Bath. Each £25 brings an animal like Casey closer to a warm and merry Christmas in her own loving home.

Your donations will be gratefully received by all of us here at Bath Cats and Dogs Home. Let’s keep changing these animals’ lives for the better.

Yours sincerely,
Simon Lynn

[his signature]

Head of Animal Operations

P.S. Whatever donation you can spare, your kindness and generosity mean that we will never have to give up on an animal, even in the winter. For more info, see our Winter Essentials Appeal at

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